Asymptomatic Test Centre at Co-op Academy Manchester

A guide for parents, carers and students

In September 2021, we will be inviting students to do two tests in our on-site test centre. These tests are for people with no COVID symptoms, to ensure that our community is as safe as possible. Any students with symptoms should stay home.

Only students whose parents/carers have given consent will be allowed to take a test. Parents and carers can refuse consent for their child.

If you consented for your child to take part in testing in the 2020-21 academic year, there is no need to complete the form again if nothing has changed.

Please complete our consent form once per child. If any of your details change, or if you wish to change your consent, you can complete it again.

The tests will be 3-5 days apart.

From September 2021, the process will be a little different than what we have done before, so we recommend that all families look through this guidance – even if you’ve been tested in the academy before.

The process

  1. Sanitise hands
  2. Blow nose into a tissue, put the used tissue in the healthcare waste bin
  3. Sanitise hands
  4. Check swab packet is sealed
  5. Remove swab holding the handle. Avoid touching the fabric tip as this will make the test invalid
  6. Insert swab into nostril until there is slight resistance and roll the swab firmly around the inside of the nostril, slowly making 5 complete circles
  7. Repeat: insert the same swab into the other nostril until there is slight resistance and roll the swab firmly around the nostril slowly making 5 complete circles

The swabbing may feel uncomfortable. The subject should not insert the swab any deeper if they feel a strong resistance or pain.

What to do if you have any concerns?

You can speak to the Test Centre Leaders using this form.

Further information

We will be using the Orient Gene lateral flow test kits. These are provided to us by the government who has also supplied training for academy staff.

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