Gifted, Able & Talented programme

Gifted, Able & Talented programme

We encourage all of our students to strive to be the best they can be. This includes challenging high-ability students to work beyond the core expectations placed on them by the National Curriculum and to explore where their talents could take them.

How we support our Gifted, Able and Talented students

In lessons

Students spend most of their times in lessons, and so it is vital that high-ability students have the chance to complete tasks that will challenge them in every lesson, and across the schemes of work they study. This can include:

  • students being asked to attempt tasks which demand higher-order cognitive and intellectual skills
  • students being given access to more advanced resources and materials, such as A Level questions
  • students being given more complex and open-ended tasks
  • staff taking a more flexible approach to teaching high-ability students
  • students being asked to complete more challenging assessments
  • students being encouraged to work even more independently
  • students being encouraged to read from more able subject-specific reading lists
  • taking part in extended or cross-curricular projects
  • following a deeper and broader curriculum

In some subjects, we use setting to make it easier to provide a suitable level of challenge for similar-ability students.

Within mixed-ability classes, students may work in “home and away” teams which let students work on particular tasks with students of similar abilities.


Outside of lessons

We offer students a range of experiences and opportunities outside of normal lessons to broaden their learning of the curriculum and to think about the next steps in their education and career.

  • after-school clubs and breakfast clubs
  • visits to artistic events, athletic opportunities, exhibitions, performances and places of importance around Manchester and around the country
  • college and university visits
  • study support (organisational and thinking skills)
  • guest speakers and special ‘master classes’
  • signposting students and parents/carers to opportunities outside of the academy
  • entry into competitions in the academy, with other local schools and at regional and national leve;l
  • summer schools and residential courses at universities
  • taking part in Brilliant Club –  an award-winning national charity that exists to increase the number of students from under-represented backgrounds progressing to highly-selective universities.
  • working closely with Greater Manchester Higher – a partnership of local univerisities aiming to improve the provision of information, advice and guidance about progression routes to higher education.
  • the option to have a mentor
  • special events for students and their parents and carers