Below are some answers to some common home learning problems we have heard about.

Help points
My child can't see anything in Google Classroom / my child needs a code to join classrooms

When a student logs in to Google Classroom using their academy account, it should automatically show them all the ‘classrooms’ for every subject they study. They don’t usually need to join classrooms with codes.

Problems can arise when students are not using their academy account (something like

Sometimes students are logged in to their Google account, but they are also logged in with another account – this can confuse Google Classroom.

  1. Try switching between accounts
  2. Try logging out of all other accounts
  3. If you are using Chrome, try setting up a new profile for the student’s academy account (this will keep the different accounts separate)
Where is the work my child needs to complete?

Google Classroom will show your child on the front page any assignments that are due very soon. If your child clicks into one of their subjects, the ‘stream’ will show any recent updates.

The best thing your child can do is look at the ‘classwork’ tab in each classroom. Here they will see a full list of classwork and homework (ILTs), organised into topics.

There will be a topic for classwork where students at home can find the materials posted by teachers. There is also a topic for ILTs where students can see all the ILTs that have been set.

Using the ‘classwork’ tab will give students a clearer idea of everything the teacher has posted for them.

My child isn't sure how to send in their work to the teachers
  1. Click on the ‘Classwork’ tab – it’s at the top on a desktop and at the bottom on mobile. You will see a list of assignments.

  2. Open the assignment. On the desktop version, it shows a preview – click ‘View assignment’ for the full instructions.

  3. You will see instructions, along with any helpful links or documents the teacher has given you.

  4. To ‘turn in‘ an assignment – look for the ‘Your work‘ box. This is on the right hand side on the desktop. On the mobile version, you need to swipe up from the bottom to open it fully.

    • If the teacher has given you a worksheet to fill in, this is in the ‘You work’ section and will have your name on.

    • You can click “+ Add or create” to start a new document or upload your work – this could be a photo of your work, a slideshow or word document etc.

    • When you are ready, click the blue button to “Turn in” your work.

Why does Classroom ask to access my device's camera?

You may see this alert if you download the Google Classroom app, which then allows students to upload photos of their offline work through the app. If you are worried, you do not need to download the app. You can just access Google Classroom on the web at where it will not trigger any security warning.

I still need help - how do I contact IT Support?