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Keeping you up to date with your child’s progress

Some of the main ways we communicate with parents and carers about their child’s progress are explained below.


Day-to-day progress

Follow the day-to-day progress of your child on our My Ed app which will show you your child’s timetable, attendance and their latest achievements and behaviour information. You can also use the Class Charts website to see this in a visual way.


Help with homework

Each half term, download your child’s planner which contains the Independent Learning Tasks they are expected to complete at home or in the Library.  Our staff log rewards for students on Class Charts when these are completed.


Get in touch

If you have any queries about your child’s progress, do not hesitate to contact your child’s Learning and Pastoral Support Officer (LPSO) in the first instance.



We send out three reports per year for every student. One of these reports will have detailed comments from your child’s tutor about their progress.

Our reports show you:

  • Your child’s target grade – this is based on their primary schools SATs results. They are numbered in the same way Year 11 exams are now graded, with 1 being the lowest and 9 being the highest.
  • Predicted grades – in your first report, you will see the first predicted grade. As we send out more reports through the year, a fuller picture will emerge of how your child has done over the year. These are colour-coded to show whether your child is on target or not.
  • Effort grades which give an indication of your child’s attitude to learning. These use a different numbering system, from 1 (the highest for outstanding effort) to 4 (poor effort) and are also colour-coded.


Parents’ Evenings

Once during the academic year, you will be invited to attend a parents’ evening and meet your child’s teachers. At primary school, you may be used to meeting just one teacher but at secondary school you will need to talk to many teachers.

Most parents/carers attend these with their child. This is a chance to discuss how well your child is doing in each subject, and what they can do to progress even further.

Parents and carers are asked to book appointments with teachers online via – you will be able to book a few weeks prior to the event.

For Year 7 parents, we also host a special Settling-In Evening in the autumn to help answer any questions you might have following the move from primary school.

Check our calendar for dates of upcoming parents’ evenings