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Little Shop of Horrors (February 2015)

Little Shop of Horrors (February 2015)

Don’t feed the plant!

In February, our students from all year groups joined together to perform the cult comedy horror rock musical, Little Shop of Horrors, by composer Alan Menken and writer Howard Ashman.

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The musical is about Seymour, a florist shop worker who finds a young plant during a total eclipse of the sun. The plant won’t eat normal food so Seymour has to resort to finding alternative plant food—blood!

The story follows Seymour’s rise to success whilst the plant’s demands for more and more food get out of hand. Our students did a very good job at performing this fang-tastic musical with lots of energy and amazing singing. Jade was a brilliant Audrey, whilst Lewis  played a convincingly innocent and gullible Seymour.

Audiences were thrilled by Scott who played the hilarious, yet satanic, dentist, Orin Scrivello. The doo-wop girls, played by Jade, Beth and Rianna were excellent and delivered many beautiful harmonies. Fizz was full of character and very funny as the fantastic Mrs Mushnik (traditionally a male role). The chorus also gave their all to the show, which was an overwhelming success and received many fantastic comments from audience members.

Due to the success of this show, our students will return next year with the 1960s comedy musical, Hairspray. Stay tuned for more details…

Reporter: Ella