Actor Christopher Eccleston zooms in to our Drama lesson

Actor Christopher Eccleston zooms in to our Drama lesson

On the last day of the spring term, a group of lucky Year 8 students took part in a live video link with the actor Christopher Eccleston.

The Salford-born actor is perhaps best known to our students for playing the heroic ninth Doctor in Doctor Who and the villainous Malekith in Thor: The Dark World. Our Year 8 students also know him from the 1991 film ‘Let Him Have It’ which they have been studying in their Drama lessons, whilst exploring the topic of ‘crime and punishment.’ 

‘Let Him Have It’ is based on the true story of Derek Bentley who was caught by the police during an armed robbery in the 1950s, and who killed a police officer in the stand-off. Derek was illiterate, epilieptic and had developmental difficulties – all factors that drew him into the gang that planned the robbery – and which also raise important questions on how our justice system runs.

On hearing that our students were studying this important film from his early career, Mr Eccleston kindly offered to meet our students. They asked him a range of questions about what it was like to play Derek Bentley and how it affected his views on crime and punishment. 

He was also happy to answer a few questions on how he got into acting and his tips for getting into character. He also spoke about some of his other roles and how a good script is the most important thing in drama.

“Meeting Mr. Eccleston was a delight. His experience and subject knowledge is incredibly beneficial to our aspiring young students. As a man with a humble nature and a true passion for the craft, he is the exception to the rule “never meet your heroes”.

Mrs Steward, Head of Drama