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The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.
An update for Year 11 students

An update for Year 11 students

Dear Year 11 students & parent / carers

Now that the government has published how they intend Year 11 students to get their grades this summer, we have a number of actions that we need to take at the academy in order to make sure that all our students get the grades that they deserve.

Just after the academy closed, all Year 11 students were invited in to collect their folders/work so that they could carry on with their revision and studies at home.  Most students came to collect these, and most students have carried on working really hard in the run up to the Easter break. It is likely that these students may have produced work that would be very useful evidence to support the grades that they will eventually be awarded.  As you will have read in the news, schools and academies need to submit the grades that they think Year 11 students would have got in the summer, had this pandemic not happened. We have a large evidence base already from all of the work that students have been doing since they started their courses in Year 9.  We also have evidence in the forms of class tests / assessments / mock exam papers and teachers’ existing predicted grades.  

The last part of the evidence base is any work that students have been doing at home before Easter, that their teachers may not have seen.  Some students have carried on working in their books, some have already submitted this extra work online (in which case their teachers already have it), and some may have chosen to do extra practice exam papers.



So that we can get any of this unseen work back to class teachers, we are inviting Year 11 students to drop off any work that they have on this Wednesday (22nd April).  The process will run just as before, with students given specific time slots to attend. It is crucial that students stick only to these time slots so that we can preserve the social distancing rules.  Students will enter the diner through the front fire doors and there will be desks for each subject that they can leave their work on.  Students must ensure that all of their work has their name and the subject on it.


The timetable for this is below :

10am – 10.30am Tenacity-Waters

10.30am – 11am Tenacity-Jones

11am – 11.30am Tenacity-Williams

11.30am – 12.00 Tenacity-Highfield

12noon – 1pm no drop offs

1pm – 1.30pm Tenacity-Moosa

1.30pm – 2pm Tenacity-Mills

2pm – 2.30pm Tenacity-Musaad

2.30pm – 3pm Tenacity-Yeandle


Once students have dropped their work off, they must leave the site and should not wait around to meet up with their friends.  

After this, we will get the work back to the teachers and the process for submitting grades to exam boards will begin.

The exam boards and the government have been very clear that the whole process for submitting grades must remain confidential.  Students will find out their results on exam results day on 20th August. Academy staff have all been told that they must not engage in any conversations with students or parents on this matter.  I would appreciate your support in this by not asking them any questions that put them in this position as they will not be able to tell you anything.

In terms of what happens next … students will all collect their exam results on the normal exam results day (20th August) and we will write to you again with details of this.  The government has said that there will be an opportunity for students to sit some exams (although we do not know in which subjects) in the Autumn if they are not happy with their grades.

From this point on, no more new work that Yr11 do can count towards the grades that they will get.  Teachers will take this into account when they are submitting grades to the exam boards. Instead, Year 11 students should continue with their studies in the subject areas that they plan to carry on with at college.  Yr11 teachers will be collapsing individual Google Classrooms so that just one Classroom remains for each subject area. We will use this to post resources for you to work on to help you prepare for college. We will also signpost you to other resources that you might find useful and will provide some reading lists for you to read around your chosen subjects.  Your Year 11 class teachers are still there at the end of the email if any students need some particular help or advice, and students can email their class teachers if they need this. Any emails that ask about what grades are being awarded will be ignored and deleted in order to protect the confidentiality of the process and to protect students and staff from any claims of malpractice.

We will write to you again with further details about results day.  We still plan to find a way of holding a Prom for the year group – but need to wait until this type of activity is permitted.  We also plan to hold an awards evening for you in the Autumn term just as other year groups have had.

Until then, I do urge students not just to ‘switch off’ but to keep studying in the subject areas that they intend to do at college.  We are also trying to establish a Trust-wide careers and advice service for Year 11 to access if they need help with this. More details will follow.


Your faithfully

Steve Brice