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Looking back on Sports Day

Looking back on Sports Day

A highlight of the school year is our Sports Day, which happens in late July just before the summer break. For the past few years the entire academy has travelled to the Manchester Regional Arena, which is capable of hosting a range of track and field events, as well as supporters from our six acadey Families for Years 7-10.

There was a wide range of running competitions, including the dramatic 100m sprints and the staff relay race. Accompanying the discus, javelin and long jump, this year we also introduced some indoor activities for the first time, including a wheelbarrow race, target practice and indoor bowls.

The day had a wonderful atmosphere, with the Drama department taking over the music and the commentary box to set a celebratory tone. But there could only be one winner, and the final results for 2018’s Sports Day looked like this:

1st  Cooper

2nd  Acland

3rd  Edhi

Well done to all students and staff who supported their Family by cheering and competing. We certainly saw some excellent sportsmanship.