Raising money for Macmillan through our cake sale

Raising money for Macmillan through our cake sale

Every year, our school dedicates itself to the celebration and support of charities.

One of the school’s major aims is to help students become aware of the world beyond their door and the colossal issues faced in society. Over the years, with the sensitive teachings of staff around the academy, our school had been able to raise thousands for charities such as Mind, and donate hundreds of boxes to food banks and the Christmas shoebox appeal.

Every year, we have a Macmillan coffee morning. Due to school closures and other coronavirus concerns, we have been unable to take part in charitable activities over the past two academic years. This has meant that, this year, we have had an awe-inspiring number of donations and sales.

A large number of cakes were donated, most homemade with love and support, and the majority were sold to the compassionate students and staff who sought to support this marvellous charity in any way they could.

This means that our school has raised an overwhelming £623.33  for Macmillan which will go towards supporting the people who suffer through the arduous war to be clear of cancer, and the families surrounding them. 

This article was written by Milly C, Year 11