Sculpture returns to Higher Blackley

Sculpture returns to Higher Blackley

The academy is proud to be the new home for Bee Blackley – one of the sculptures that buzzed into Manchester in 2018 as part of a city-wide art trail.

Bee Blackley was one of 23 community bees designed to be on permanent display and it lived at Plant Hill Park until 2020.

During the pandemic, the sculpture needed a bit of rest and repair but it is now back in the neighbourhood on the academy grounds, where it can also be seen by the public from Plant Hill Road. 

As the academy and its students were heavily involved in its creation and unveiling, we are pleased to help keep it in our community.

Welcome to Blackley – greenest and highest of Manchester’s neighbourhoods. Up here we can touch the moon and the stars which control the tides and set the patterns of our days. Students travel to and from school and adults commute to work. The bees come and go from their hive. The seasons turn and the flowers blossom again and again. Welcome to Blackley – only a few miles from the city centre, and yet so full of inspiring greenery. Up here we can admire our city’s skyline and see the bigger picture. We co-operate and thrive, like our bees.

Bee Blackley’s story – taken from the 2018 art trail book