Our students get a Science lesson from a Nobel Prize winner

Our students get a Science lesson from a Nobel Prize winner

Three talented students from Years 8 and 10 had the fantastic opportunity to work with a Nobel Prize winning scientist. They visited the National Graphene Institute for a day alongside students from five other academies in The Co-operative Academies Trust. The day was made possible thanks to Co-op CEO Steve Murrells.


The day began with a presentation given by Professor Sir Konstantin Novoselov, a physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering a revolutionary new material called graphene. After that, Professor Novoselov went over the homework problems he had set, which all three of the CAM students had completed in advance. On the bus ride there they realised a more effective approach to their homework and got the exact same answer as Novoselov! Frank Norris, Director of the Trust was impressed by the ability of our students.


Following the presentations the group went down to the lab where the boys had a chance to make their own graphene using the famous ‘graphite and scotch paper’ technique. They then observed their substrates under the microscope and witnessed superconducting levitation with liquid nitrogen. From there, they were given a tour of the cutting-edge research facility.


At lunch Professor Novoselov sat beside our students and asked if there was anything else our group wanted to do. The group returned to the lab and observed our fabricated substrates. Professor Novoselov took it upon himself to pierce his skin with a scalpel and show his blood cells under the microscope, as you can see in the photo!


Overall it was a fantastic day which the boys thoroughly enjoyed and all three of them were discussing pursuing a career in Science.

Mr Cooper, Teacher of Science



What the students said:


“The trip was extremely interesting and personally helped me decide my career path. It made me realise that I need to pursue Science.”

– Jenson


“My experience at the Graphene Institute was an eye-opening experience that I am honoured to have been part of – especially as I am one of only a handful chosen to attend. Professor Konstantin Novoselov has made one of the smartest inventions of the 21st Century; graphene will have huge benefits for the future of the world, such as clean water for the impoverished places in the world.”

– Thomas


“The experience was amazing; it broadened my knowledge of the amazing work going on not far from our academy. It showed me the brilliant technological advances made this century. Not only this, but I got to delve into the amazing science surrounding graphene that someday I wish to make a career in.”

– Joshua