Supplying our NHS with face masks and safety equipment

Supplying our NHS with face masks and safety equipment

One of the key messages during the Covid-19 crisis has been “stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives”. At Co-op Academy Manchester, we have been proud to go one step further.

Firstly, we offered school places for children of keyworkers. This allows those in vital jobs to continue going to work without having to leave children at home alone. 

Our Science department donated all our unopened safety goggles to local hospitals. 

Using our 3D printers and Laser Cutter, we have manufactured brand new visors and expanders for face masks to make it more comfortable for the workers. These items have been donated to multiple departments of North Manchester Hospital, Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Community care workers and Doctors Surgeries helping to keep them safe and able to carry out their important jobs.

Our PPE hero is Technology Technician Mr Montgomery along with Miss Stannard and Mr Simpson. By the end of the Easter break, the team had made 400 face mask extenders and 150 shields. The current plan is to make a further 1500 units.

We have been delighted to receive some photos and kind words from NHS staff.

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you for the visors that you delivered, they have been such a massive help in keeping all our staff healthy and in turn able to continue to treat the community and make sure they in turn stay healthy.

 “In the last 3 weeks since your delivery we have had no staff with COVID symptoms and one of the factors has to be the excellent PPE that we have been given so thank you.”

Thornbrook Surgery


We are also extremely proud of our students. They have shown maturity and resilience during these difficult circumstances. They continue to work hard and independently at home. We have been especially touched by this poem from Ruby in year 8. Well done to our students!

If you are a care worker in need of PPE please get in touch via