UPDATED: Year 11 – notes on exams & coursework

UPDATED: Year 11 – notes on exams & coursework

Thursday 19 March, 12am

Each week we will be sending an update to Year 11 directly via Google Classroom (please join with h4pn233)

We understand that Year 11 will be feeling worried after the government’s announcement yesterday evening. 

Message to Year 11:  It is really important (more so now than ever) that our Year 11 students carry on with their learning at home. It is likely that we will be asked to provide evidence of what grades our Year 11 students should be awarded – and building up a strong portfolio of work that shows how much they have improved and what their best work looks like will help you and us to make this happen in a way that doesn’t disadvantage them.

We will continue to support our students online throughout this time and we have made arrangements for them to collect their folders as follows (note that the times has changed since our earlier message):

Monday 23 March – Year 11 can collect their work/folders at the following times – please stick to these times for public health reasons

Please bring a sturdy backpack or bag to carry them in.

10am – 10.30am – Tenacity-Waters
10.30am – 11am – Tenacity-Jones
11am – 11.30pm – Tenacity-Williams
11.30pm – 12.00noon – Tenacity-Highfield
12noon – 1pm – no collections
1pm – 1.30pm – Tenacity-Moosa
1.30pm – 2pm – Tenacity-Mills
2pm – 2.30pm – Tenacity-Musaad
2.30pm – 3pm – Tenacity-Yeandle

In the meantime…stay positive & keep working. We are all here to support you through this.

Coursework – for the reasons above, it is crucial that you carry on working on any coursework over this time.  It may be that this becomes even more important in determining your grade. The government has said that there still may be some exams for the minority but it is not clear what this means, and whether it will only be where grades are being questioned.

If you are really worried, you can always make use of our ‘Speak Out’ button on the VLE (http://vle.cam.coop/) and Mrs McMorrow, Mr Heaney, Miss Jackson and your teachers are still working remotely through this period and are always on the end of their email during school hours if you need them – they are all contactable via (y11@cam.coop).

I know that some of you are also worried about things like your Prom and leavers assemblies / signing shirts etc.   We still don’t know when we will be open – and it may be that we are all back in the building before the year ends anyway. In the meantime, it is not safe to gather in large crowds. For this reason, we will not be meeting together as a Year Group. We will still find a way of your year group celebrating together and having a Prom, once all of this has passed and it is safe to resume normal activities.

Stay positive everyone

We will bring you more updates as soon as we hear anything


Mr Brice



Wednesday 18 March, 4pm

Good afternoon Year 11,

Firstly, we hope you all are safe and well and your loved ones too. You all received your mock results on Tuesday and it was evident how much you all care and want to do well . This is an indication of where you all are currently in all your subjects and which areas you now need to focus on during the weeks ahead.

We understand how anxious you must feel about your exams in all the uncertainty but we will continue to support you and provide work for you day by day.

It’s superb to see how many of you are already are doing work at home; I can see many of you on Google Classroom with your subject teachers.

As a year group you have such a tremendous work ethic and lots of resilience – it’s a pleasure working every day with each and every one of you .

For those collecting work on Monday there will be tables all labelled by subject with your folders on. Please stick to these times above, collect and then return home to study.


BTEC ICT and Enterprise
You will now be able to access your coursework from your Google Drive. This will be shared with you by your class teacher. Resources such as assignment briefs will also be available. Any queries please email Mrs Antrobus on l.antrobus@cam.coop.

Design Technology: final coursework deadline
You can access the coursework at home on Google Slides. If you cannot find it, search NEA. You need to make sure all coursework is completed to a high standard as it will be downloaded at midnight on Thursday 26 March, ready to be marked by your class teacher. Use the checklist to make sure all sections are complete: research all 3 briefs, specification, designing and developing (model), time plan and evaluation. If you want to add more drawings to your design section draw on paper and then take a photo and add to your slides.

All Art students are asked to please join the Google Classroom as regular updates and support are being posted there. Mrs Wright and Mrs Baldwin will be providing art resources on Monday for students to collect to help them prepare for their Art exam. If you have individual concerns you can email your teacher. The help booklet has been shared on the Classroom for you to use and you can share the Google Slides Art exam document you have been working on with your teacher. This will allow you to get feedback on your research and annotations.

All resources you need for the Photography exam are available on your Google Classroom. Although you don’t have access to Photoshop, you can complete all other work for your exam prep or coursework.

Music BTEC and GCSE
You can access Google Classroom from home for your coursework. Those of you that have sheet music, you can email staff to send that across to you. If you need to collect sheet music or musical instruments you can collect these on Monday.

Child Development and Health & Social Care
Coursework tasks will all be uploaded to the Google Classroom – upload and turn in as usual. See relevant turn in dates and email staff if you are unsure what to do. Tasks and videos will be being posted to support you.

Please don’t worry about the dates of the speaking exams – when we know more, we will be back in contact but at the moment they will not be taking place as planned on the week commencing 27 April. The exam boards are currently advising the middle of May. Keep practising though, especially those role plays and photo card tasks!

BTEC unit exam results
These will be posted out to you before Easter .

Mock exam results
If you didn’t receive your mock results they will be posted out to you shortly.

Finally, our best wishes are with you all and your families at this time . Don’t forget you can also support each other (in addition to teacher support) on your social media platforms – learning from your peers and teaching someone else is one of the best ways to learn.

Take care of each other Year 11. We will post regular bulletins like this each Monday.

Mrs McMorrow – Senior Vice Principal
Miss Jackson – LPSO for Year 11
Mr Heaney  – Assistant Vice Principal (Year 11 link)


If you haven’t joined all your Google Classrooms, use the following codes:

  • Art rqrkdpu
  • Business Studies fzreso2
  • Creative iMedia igiqk2w
  • Drama ufjqimr
  • English (Mr Moosa) b67scet
  • English Literature Students (Miss O’Connor) 52d4fay
  • English Language Students (Miss O’Connor) txfivdk
  • English (Mr Durkan) c7ux3zq
  • English (Miss Bickerton) 2qzglxr
  • English (Mr McCrea) a6yx54b
  • English (Miss Peavoy) syrjjqf
  • Ethics and Philosophy okicqk6
  • Food and Nutrition vdvddzx
  • French indvkkx
  • Geography 5ddyxmz
  • History zd6ai76
  • ICT 4cqkcyw
  • Maths Band Y (Miss Highfield) bfqbdip
  • Maths Set 4 (both bands) (Mr Edwards) xpe6nwk
  • Maths (Mr Jennings) uohqkd3
  • Media Studies vembped
  • Music GCSE ucd3tfg
  • Music BTEC yyinpmt
  • Piano flqs7h2
  • PSHE uo3lwcr
  • Science gcyepdz
  • Sociology rrzmfm2
  • Spanish zt75s3c
  • Technology zjesz6t