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Academy Families

When a student joins the academy, they join one of our academy Families. The Families are named after pioneers from the international co-operative movement. They include men and women from Britain and from around the world. Some are historical figures and some have made a difference in the world more recently.


Meet the Families

Acland Family

Named after Alice Acland (1849-1935) who founded the Women’s Co-operative Guild, a group who fought to ensure women had a voice in the working world.


Ashworth Family

Named after Samuel Ashworth (1825-1871) who was one of the original 28 men who founded the Co-op – the first successful co-operative.


Brierley Family

Named after Eliza Brierley (born in the 1800s) who was the first woman to join the Co-op at a time when women were seen as the property of their husbands or fathers.


Cooper Family

Named after William Cooper (1822-1868), another of the original founders of the Co-op. Like Ashworth, he pledged to take no payment if the venture wasn’t successful.


Edhi Family

Named after Abdul Sattar Edhi (1926-2016) whose foundation provides hospitals, schools and other vital services in Pakistan.


Usiri Family

Named after Helen Usiri (1959-present) who established the Nronga Women Dairy Co-operative in Tanzania. It empowers women to succeed in farming.


Tenacity Family

When students reach Year 11 they will move up into our seventh Family, ‘Tenacity’, which will prepare them for their exams year.


Our Families enjoy healthy competitions with each other, to see which can show the best attendance and behaviour, who can win sports day, and more.