Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities

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After lessons finish, our staff put on a range of clubs that students can take part in. In addition, during the year students will have opportunities to go on special trips or hear from guest speakers.

Sports Clubs

Our PE department offers activities for girls and boys and for all year groups – some mixed and some for particular groups.

The timetable changes each half term to include seasonal sports such as cross-country in the autumn, and athletics in the summer, as well as popular sports such as football, netball and rugby. Students who want to play for the academy’s teams against other schools should attend these clubs for the best chance of being picked.

Sports Day

Each summer, we organise a sports day which take place at the Manchester Regional Arena and give students a chance to represent their academy Family in track and field events.

The PE department also organises a range of fun sports competitions between our academy Families across the year.

Music Lessons & Concerts

There are many opportunities for students who enjoy music and singing, incluidng

  • individual lessons in woodwind, string, brass, percussion, guitar and vocal skills arranged by our Music teachers during the school day (please contact our Music staff to ask about availability and timetables)
  • after-school Rock Band, Academy Big Band, String Group and Choir
  • Concerts and performances
We are a partner of MyHub – the music education hub for the City of Manchester. Music Education Hubs develop a range of partnerships with schools, families and diverse cultural organisations to deliver a wide set of music education opportunities for all children and young people.
We also host the Blackley Music Centre provided by One Education music services on Thursday evenings.

Drama and Productions

Every year we offer students the chance to sing, dance and work behind the scenes in our Theatre.

Our annual productions are spectacular and put students in front of a live audience. Find out about our past shows here.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Ms Cherry recently relaunched the Duke of Edinburgh scheme at the academy with a group of Year 9 students.

What is the DofE?

A life-changing experience. A fun time with friends. An opportunity to discover new interests and talents. A tool to develop essential skills for life and work. A recognised mark of achievement; respected by employers. There are four sections to complete at Bronze and Silver level and five at Gold. They involve helping the community/environment, becoming fitter, developing new skills, planning, training for and completing an expedition and, for Gold only, working with a team on a residential activity.

The Library and Academic Clubs

Our wonderful academy Library, staffed by experts (adults and students) provides a great place for students to work independently and explore the world through our extensive Library collection. There are thousands of fiction and non-fiction books, graphic novels, manga, newspapers and magazines, a careers section, computers and more! Students can sit and study at tables or relax and read on our comfy chairs and beanbags. The Library is open before school, at break and lunch times, and after school.

Some subject areas run clubs for students to learn beyond the curriculum, including some aimed specifically at Gifted, Able and Talented students. These include Debate Mate, Photography Club, Chess Club, Science Club and more.

And more…

Our extra-curricular timetable from April 2022

DayClub (year group)TimeStaffRoom
MondayGirls Football (All Years)2:45-3:45Miss Heslop3G
 Practical Upskilling (Year 11)2.45-3.45Ms LongmoreTech 1 HC
   Ms Foster, Mrs Davies and Ms TaffeICT 6 and TE2 D&T & TX
 Eco Warriors (All Years)3:00-4:00Mr Simpson/ Dr HopperSC11/ Academy Grounds
 Global citizens 3:00-4:00Miss NwokediMFL1
 KS3 drama club2.45-3.30Mr HillDrama 
 Accelerated GCSE for those wanting to do both language (Year 8)3:00-4:00Miss KirkhamMFL2
 Business Boffins (Year 8 invite only)2:45-3:30Mr YeandleICT2
 English poetry club 2.45-3.45Miss Bland En7
 BTEC Sport XL  – Year 10 & 112.45-3.45Mrs Locke, Miss Atkinson, Mr Lavelle 
TuesdayBig Band (All Years)2:45-3:45Mr RuddenMU2
 Girls Fitness Suite (All Years)2:45-3:45Miss RowanFitness Suite
 Student committee meetings (most Tuesdays, all welcome – speak to Ms Morley or Mrs Brice for details)2.45-3.45Ms Morley & Mrs BriceMedia Suite
 Maths Puzzle Club (All Years)2.45-3.45Miss AsquithMA8
 Boys Fitness Suite (Year 10 & 11)2:45-3:45Mr SchofieldFitness Suite
 Girls & Boys Cricket (Year 7 & 8)2:45-3:45Mr Bromhead, Dr Hopper and Mr Simpson3G
 Choir (All Years)2:45-3:30Miss StottDR2
 Girls Rugby Club (All years)2:45-3:45Miss Heslop3G
 Badminton (All Years)2:45-3:45Mr SmallSports Hall
 Yoga (All Years)2:45-3:45Miss KannenbergDance studio
 Film Club (Year 7 & 8)2:45-3:45Miss LowesEN8
 Green Power (Invite Only)3:00-4:00Mr Montgomery/ Dr Hopper/ Mr SimpsonSCI LZ/Te 2
 Duke of Edinburgh drop in 2.45-3.45Mrs Cherry  
 ART Club (KS4)2.45 – 4.00Mrs WrightArt 2
 Pride group (student-led, all welcome)2.45-3.30Ms Morley / Ms WedderburnSanctuary (2nd floor)
ThursdayMaths A Level Club2:45-3:45Mr TollmanMA7
 Boys Rugby (Years 7 & 8)2:45-3:45Mr Schofield/ Mr SmallGrass
 STEM CLUB (Year 7 & 8)3:00-4:00Miss OwenSC7
 Art Club (Year 7 & 8)2:45-3:30Miss Esmail and Ms SmithART1
 Rounders (All years)2:45-3:45Mrs Locke, Miss Gamlin & Miss AtkinsonSports Hall
 Dance/Cheerleading2:45-3:45Miss HeslopDance Studio
 Climbing (Year 7 – sign up only)2:45-3:45Mr MillsClimbing Wall
 Handball (Year 7 Boys)2:45-3:45Mr LavelleSports Hall
 Photography Club (Year 8)2.45-3.30Mr LawlorMedia Suite
 Bee club2.45-3.30Ms PalkimasScience 4
 Scalextric club2.45-3.30Mr Montgomery/ Dr Hopper/ Mr SimpsonTech 2
 Maths Challenge club 2.45-3.30Miss EllisonMA6
 EAL ILT club2.45-3.45Mr KabwebweEAL 1
FridayBoys Fitness Suite (Year 7, 8, 9)2:45-3:45INI Mr KabwebweFitness Suite
 Badminton (All Years)2:45-3:45Mr SmallSports Hall
 Knit and Natter (All Years)2.45-3.30Mrs Brice/Miss TindallLibrary