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Upcoming exams

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Summer 22 Exam Timetable Year 11

Tue 29 March09:00 EdexcelBTECBTEC Sport Summer resits
Thu 12 May09:00 EdexcelBTECBTEC DIT
Fri 13 May13:00 EdexcelBTECBTEC Enterprise
Mon 16 May09:0000:00AQA8062/13Religious Studies A P1-3 Christ
Mon 16 May09:0000:00AQA8062/15Religious Studies A P1-5 Islam
Mon 16 May13:0001:45AQA8192/1Sociology Paper 1
Mon 16 May13:0001:30OCRJ277/01Comp Sci: Computer Systems Wrtn
Tue 17 May09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1BI0 1HPaper One (H) Biology
Tue 17 May09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 1BFPaper One: Biology (F)
Tue 17 May09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 1BHPaper One: Biology (H)
Tue 17 May09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1BI0 1FPaper One (F) Biology
Tue 17 May13:00 Edexcel BTEC Music
Tue 17 May13:0000:45AQA8648/LHUrdu Listening Test Tier H
Tue 17 May13:0001:00AQA8648/RHUrdu Reading Test Tier H
Wed 18 May09:0001:45AQA8700/1English Language Paper 1
Wed 18 May13:0000:45AQA8668/LHGerman Listening Test Tier H
Wed 18 May13:0001:00AQA8668/RHGerman Reading Test Tier H
Thu 19 May09:0001:00AQA8145/1B/BHistory Paper 1B Option B
Thu 19 May13:0000:45AQA8633/LHItalian Listening Test Tier H
Thu 19 May13:0001:00AQA8633/RHItalian Reading Test Tier H
Thu 19 May13:0001:30WJEC/GCSEC690U30-1Drama COMPONENT3 Interpretin Theatre
Fri 20 May09:0001:30AQA8300/1FMathematics Paper 1 Tier F
Fri 20 May09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 1HMathematics Non Calculator (H)
Fri 20 May13:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1BS0 01Investigating Small Bus.
Fri 20 May13:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1CN0 1HChinese Listening (H)
Fri 20 May13:0001:05EDEXL/GCSE1CN0 3HChinese Reading (H)
Mon 23 May09:0001:30AQA8035/1Geography Paper 1
Tue 24 May09:0000:35AQA8658/LFFrench Listening Test Tier F
Tue 24 May09:0000:45AQA8658/RFFrench Reading Test Tier F
Tue 24 May09:0000:45AQA8658/LHFrench Listening Test Tier H
Tue 24 May09:0001:00AQA8658/RHFrench Reading Test Tier H
Tue 24 May09:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1AA0 1HArabic Listening (H)
Tue 24 May09:0001:05EDEXL/GCSE1AA0 3HArabic Reading (H)
Tue 24 May13:0001:00OCRR041/01Sprt Sci: Risk of Sprt Injuries Wrtn
Wed 25 May09:0000:50AQA8702/1MEng Lit Paper 1-Modern Prose/Drama
Wed 25 May09:0000:50AQA8702/1NEng Lit Paper 1-19th Century Novel
Wed 25 May13:0001:30AQA8572/1Media Studies Paper 1
Thu 26 May09:0000:45AQA8698/LHSpanish Listening Test Tier H
Thu 26 May09:0001:00AQA8698/RHSpanish Reading Test Tier H
Thu 26 May09:0000:35AQA8698/LFSpanish Listening Test Tier F
Thu 26 May09:0000:45AQA8698/RFSpanish Reading Test Tier F
Thu 26 May13:0001:45AQA8062/2AReligious Studies A P2A Excl Text
Fri 27 May09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1CH0 1HPaper One (H) Chemistry
Fri 27 May09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 1CFPaper Two: Chemistry (F)
Fri 27 May09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 1CHPaper Two: Chemistry (H)
Fri 27 May09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1CH0 1FPaper One (F) Chemistry
Fri 27 May13:0001:30OCRJ277/02Comp Sci: Comp Thnk Algrthm Prgrm Wtn
Mon 06 Jun09:0001:20AQA8668/WHGerman Writing Test Tier H
Mon 06 Jun09:0001:25EDEXL/GCSE1CN0 4HChinese Writing (H)
Mon 06 Jun13:0001:25EDEXL/GCSE1AA0 4HArabic Writing (H)
Tue 07 Jun09:0001:30AQA8300/2FMathematics Paper 2 Tier F
Tue 07 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 2HMaths Calculator (H)
Tue 07 Jun13:0001:15AQA8035/2Geography Paper 2
Tue 07 Jun13:0001:20AQA8648/WHUrdu Writing Test Tier H
Wed 08 Jun09:0001:45AQA8702/2Eng Lit Paper 2
Wed 08 Jun     
Thu 09 Jun09:0001:00AQA8145/1A/DHistory Paper 1A Option D
Thu 09 Jun13:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1PH0 1HPaper One (H) Physics
Thu 09 Jun13:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 1PFPaper Three: Physics (F)
Thu 09 Jun13:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 1PHPaper Three: Physics (H)
Thu 09 Jun13:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1PH0 1FPaper One (F) Physics
Fri 10 Jun09:0001:45AQA8700/2English Language Paper 2
Fri 10 Jun13:0001:45AQA8192/2Sociology Paper 2
Mon 13 Jun09:0001:30AQA8300/3FMathematics Paper 3 Tier F
Mon 13 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1MA1 3HMaths Calculator (H)
Mon 13 Jun13:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1BS0 02Building A Business
Tue 14 Jun09:0001:00AQA8035/3Geography Paper 3
Tue 14 Jun13:0001:30AQA8572/2Media Studies Paper 2
Tue 14 Jun13:0001:20AQA8633/WHItalian Writing Test Tier H
Tue 14 Jun13:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1ST0 1HStatistics Written Paper 1H
Wed 15 Jun09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1BI0 2HPaper Two (H) Biology
Wed 15 Jun09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 2BFPaper Four: Biology (F)
Wed 15 Jun09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 2BHPaper Four: Biology (H)
Wed 15 Jun09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1BI0 2FPaper Two (F) Biology
Wed 15 Jun13:0002:00WJEC/GCSEC600U10-1D & T Comp 1 D & T in the 21st Century
Wed 15 Jun13:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1RU0 1HRussian Listening (H) / F
Wed 15 Jun13:0001:05EDEXL/GCSE1RU0 3HRussian Reading (H) /F
Thu 16 Jun09:0001:00AQA8145/2A/BHistory Paper 2A Option B
Thu 16 Jun13:0001:05AQA8658/WFFrench Writing Test Tier F
Thu 16 Jun13:0001:20AQA8658/WHFrench Writing Test Tier H
Thu 16 Jun13:0001:00OCRR021/01H & SC: Ess Values of Care Written
Fri 17 Jun09:0001:20AQA8698/WHSpanish Writing Test Tier H
Fri 17 Jun09:0001:05AQA8698/WFSpanish Writing Test Tier F
Fri 17 Jun13:0000:45AQA8688/LHPolish Listening Test Tier H
Fri 17 Jun13:0001:00AQA8688/RHPolish Reading Test Tier H
Fri 17 Jun13:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1PG0 1HPortuguese Listening (H)
Fri 17 Jun13:0001:00EDEXL/GCSE1PG0 3HPortuguese Reading (H)
Fri 17 Jun13:0000:45EDEXL/GCSE1PN0 1HPersian Listening (H)
Fri 17 Jun13:0001:05EDEXL/GCSE1PN0 3HPersian Reading (H)
Mon 20 Jun09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1CH0 2HPaper Two (H) Chemistry
Mon 20 Jun09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 2CFPaper Five: Chemistry (F)
Mon 20 Jun09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 2CHPaper Five: Chemistry (H)
Mon 20 Jun09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1CH0 2FPaper Two (F) Chemistry
Mon 20 Jun13:0001:45WJEC/GCSEC560UA0-1Foodprp & Ntrition COMP1 Written Princ
Tue 21 Jun09:0002:30WJEC/GCSE95500001Additional Maths Written Paper
Tue 21 Jun13:0001:30WJEC/GCSE5569UB0-1Hospitality & Catering Unit 1: Paper
Wed 22 Jun09:0001:15WJEC/GCSEC660U30-1Music Component 3 Appraising
Thu 23 Jun09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1PH0 2HPaper Two (H) Physics
Thu 23 Jun09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 2PFPaper Six: Physics (F)
Thu 23 Jun09:0001:10EDEXL/GCSE1SC0 2PHPaper Six: Physics (H)
Thu 23 Jun09:0001:45EDEXL/GCSE1PH0 2FPaper Two (F) Physics
Fri 24 Jun09:0001:30EDEXL/GCSE1ST0 2HStatistics Written Paper 2H
Mon 27 Jun09:0001:20AQA8688/WHPolish Writing Test Tier H
Mon 27 Jun09:0001:20EDEXL/GCSE1PG0 4HPortuguese Writing (H)
Mon 27 Jun09:0001:25EDEXL/GCSE1PN0 4HPersian Writing (H)
Tue 28 Jun09:0001:25EDEXL/GCSE1RU0 4HRussian Writing (H) /F