Independent Learning Tasks

Independent Learning Tasks

We ask our students to complete Independent Learning Tasks (ILTs), which is our phrase for ‘homework’. The important thing is students complete each ILT independently, outside their normal lessons. It doesn’t matter if students work on them at home or in the academy.

An example of a great ILT

The Library is open before and after school as well as at breaks and lunch times. Some departments even run ILT clubs where they can support students.

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Year 7

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Year 11

ILT grids

At the start of each half term, students are given a set of grids for each subject. These explain what ILTs the students will have to complete in that half term. This means that students have lots of time to plan their work.

You will see a column for each week where an ILT is due. For core subjects like Maths and English, you will have more ILTs to do compared with other subjects.

Each ILT gives students a choice – whether to complete the core, extension or killer level. Teachers will reward students with Class Charts points for completing an ILT well, and will give extra points for students who make an exceptional effort.

Each ILT grid also includes some keywords and a super challenge which students can choose to attempt.



ILTs are collected together into our planners. We print a planner for every student at the start of each half term, and we expect students to bring them to school every day.

The planner also contains a diary section. Students can use these to keep track of deadlines, and plan when they will complete an ILT.

There are also pages of useful information and competitions.