The right mind-set

Being a good learner doesn’t just mean behaving in lessons, it’s also about being:

  • positive and determined
  • curious and able to ask great questions
  • not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them
  • able to make links and connections in their learning
  • able to work with others

Great learners can work independently by showing the 5Rs below:

Resilient – persists, overcomes difficulty, takes risks.

Resourceful – shows initiative, demonstrates research skills, creative, works well interdependently.

Reasoning – thinks and reviews, analyses patterns, deals well with conflicting ideas.

Responsible – motivated to pursue goals, acts on feedback, proactive partner in learning, skilled at working collaboratively, shows leadership skills.

Reflective – learns from experience, can improve on own learning, learns from research, helps to create the big picture, makes own connections in learning, reflects and acts on feedback.