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Significant Changes

Co-op Academy Manchester has evolved over the years to meet the needs of the community that it serves. In July 2017 the sixth form element of the school was closed so that young people in the local area could access more specialised courses at local colleges, providing them with the very best career progression opportunities.

Manchester City Council approached the school in early 2016 to ask if we could offer additional places to children starting in year 7 due to an increase in need in the local area. As a result, the school increased its intake to 210 from September 2016. Manchester City Council then asked the school to offer additional places the following year, increasing the PAN to 300 from September 2017. In order to accommodate these additional students, the local authority provided funding for a significant extension to the school building. In 2018 Manchester City Council asked the school to grow again, increasing the intake to 330 for September 2018 originally as a one-off to accommodate a bulge in pupil numbers, however in 2019 it was agreed that this PAN of 330 would continue each year thereafter. As the academy fills with these larger year groups, it will take the total number of students to 1650.

The academy is now proposing to the DfE that the following changes (summarised above) be made permanent:

  • Increase of school building capacity from 1020 to 1650.
  • Increase of PAN each year moving forward to 330.
  • Removal of the sixth form designation.

If you would like to share any comments regarding these significant changes or the change to admissions (increase of PAN), please contact no later than Monday 22nd February 2021 at 5pm.