Students launch their #birdsandthebees campaign

Students launch their #birdsandthebees campaign

The Student Council have recently taken on a Co-op Academies Trust inter-school social action challenge. The aim of the challenge is to get as many people as possible involved in making a difference to their school, local community and beyond.

Our students had many ideas and eventually settled on an idea which could tackle two problems – looking after our local wildlife AND raising awareness about healthy relationships. Students have branded this project #birdsandthebees. They presented their idea to a team of ‘Dragons’ at Angel Square and managed to secure the maximum funding of £200 for their project.

The initial phase of the project will see students making bird feeders (fat balls) in science lessons. All students will have a lesson about the importance of caring for local wildlife and will make a fat ball. These fat balls are being distributed to the local community, primary schools, co-op colleagues, local old peoples’ homes, parks and churches. We will be encouraging people to hang fat balls and post a picture on social media encouraging others to take part and join the campaign. Our fat balls will not only feed the birds, they will act as symbol of awareness about healthy relationships for everyone.

Playing on the double meaning of #birdsandthebees, students are working with staff to provide information and advice about healthy relationships, consent and inclusive sex education. The students hope that spreading this information through the environmental aspect of the project will mean that more people will hear this message and take action.

As the weather warms up the project will move on to bring our bee hives back to the academy and a team of student bee keepers will be trained to look after the bees and begin to produce honey.

Students will be returning to Angel Square in May to present a film about their project and discuss how it went. They will then be judged in an Apprentice style final to determine which student council had the most effective social action project.

One of the key factors for the success of this project will be getting as many people as possible involved. You can help by hanging fat balls or putting out bird feeders and sharing photos of this with the hashtag #birdsandthebees . Sharing and reposting #birdsandthebees will also mean that we can spread the message far and wide. Our students are really hoping that we can get this message shared world-wide so if you have friends or relations in other countries please ask them to retweet / share etc. these messages too.


Visit our #birdsandthebees page for our advice on Healthy Lifestyles