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Homework (Independent Learning Tasks or ILTs)

Homework (Independent Learning Tasks or ILTs)

To do well in their studies, students must be able to work on their own outside of lessons. This is why we ask our students to complete Independent Learning Tasks (ILTs). They can be completed as homework or during the academy day; our well-equipped Library is open to students wishing to study on their own.


The tasks will build on the lessons learned in the classroom and improve skills such as:

  • independent learning
  • self-discipline
  • planning
  • time management
  • research
  • self-review

Each ILT gives students a choice – whether to complete the core, extension or killer level. Teachers will reward students with Class Charts points for completing an ILT well, and will give extra points for students who make an exceptional effort.

From September 2020, ILTs will be set through Google Classroom. We recommend that parents and carers familiarise themselves with Classroom by watching this video. The student homepage vle.cam.coop is our one-stop shop for help, advice and extra resources for students and their families to complete amazing ILTs.



How to help your child with ILTs

  1. Help your child plan their workload. Help your child make sure that they start work on their ILTs with plenty of time before the deadline.
  2. Encourage your child to try the next level. Each task has three levels – core, extension and killer. The higher level tasks offer students more opportunities for deeper learning, so encourage them to take on the harder levels.
  3. Test your child on the keywords. Test your child to see how well they can explain what each word means, or whether they can use it them in a sentence.
  4. Ask your child to take on a super challenge. Each subject sets a super challenge each half term. These are optional but can really help your child develop independence.
  5. Don’t let your child finish too quickly. We recommend that Years 7 and 8 spend between 45 to 90 minutes per day on ILTs; Year 9 should spend between 1 to 2 hours on ILTS and Years 10 and 11 should spend between 1.5 to 2.5 hours per day on ILTs. If they finish early, have they checked for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar? Have they looked at the keywords or superchallenges?
  6. Use Class Charts to monitor feedback from teachers. The academy expects teachers to work hard planning and delivering lessons. They are not expected to mark all ILTs, but they should use Class Charts to acknowledge how hard a student has worked on their ILTs. This includes whether the ILT has been handed in or not, and whether the student has put in a good or exceptional effort.
  7. Check out these useful websites: our VLE (https://vle.cam.coop/) is where you can access our Library catalogue and the Britannica Schools encyclopaedia as well as resources from teachers. BBC Bitesize (https://www.bbc.com/education) is also very useful for many topics.


Some parents and carers may also wish to know that we publish an annual overview of the topics studied in each subject, for every Year Group. Visit our curriculum pages and find the ‘What our students study’ section available on each faculty page.