Vision and Values

We hold dear our academy values of Fairness, Ambition and Respect.

and seen to be fair to everyone

to raise aspirations and inspire all of us to achieve

shown to ourselves, each other and our community

“We exist to value each other and bring out the best in everyone.”

All academies in our Trust are united by our Ways of Being Co-op. These are:

  • Do what matters most
  • Be yourself, always
  • Show you care
  • Succeed together

These underpin everything we do. Watch our ‘Proud’ video to see our Ways of Being Co-op in practice.

Do what matters most

We do the right thing 

We challenge things that aren’t right

We’re honest

We don’t look the other way

Be yourself, always

We’re confident about who we are

We inspire everyone to do their best

We’re open to change and challenge

We are pioneers

Show you care

We listen to others

We’re fair and responsible

We help our communities

We care about other people

Succeed together

We respect each other

We all contribute to our community

We support each other

We work together to make us stronger