Our students meet the Medical Mavericks

Our students meet the Medical Mavericks

On Tuesday 6 February, our students met the Medical Mavericks.

The aim of the visit was to raise awareness of careers within science, especially medical science. Many students aren’t aware of the full range of careers in medical science; so the Medical Mavericks team came to visit with specialist equipment and activities designed to open the eyes of some of our Gifted, Able and Talented students from Years 9, 10 and 11. They were able to learn about some areas of medical science they might not know about.

The students were involved in activities such as: performing keyhole surgery, obtaining blood from an arm, taking an ultra-sound scan of their own heart, taking an ECG of their heart, testing their reflex actions, seeing how much carbon monoxide is present in their lungs, wearing distorted vision glasses and taking/checking blood pressures.

The students thought the activities were really engaging and fun. They weren’t aware of the opportunities available to them within this particular field of science. They loved the fact that it was so hands-on and that they were able to perform different activities. I felt that the students that took part in the session most definitely benefitted from the session. They were able to have first-hand experience of how different medical practices are undertaken. Hopefully the workshop has raised awareness of different jobs and inspired our students to look into careers in the field of medicine.

Mr Shaikh