Take on the Co-op Manchester Minecraft Challenge!

Take on the Co-op Manchester Minecraft Challenge!

Welcome to our academy in the wonderful world of Minecraft!

Here are some things that you might like to do.  You might just want to explore for fun – but you could use it to start to find your way around the academy.


Go explore

Just go for a wander and find your way around. can you find the…

  • Theatre
  • Climbing Wall
  • Dining Hall
  • Sports Hall
  • and the different subject areas?

Take on a challenge:

  • find the Music Practice Room and ring the bell !
  • find the Sports Hall and jump on the trampoline (how high can you go?)
  • find the 10 enchanted apples – they are dotted around the academy.
  • decorate a room and share your creation (you will need to change to Creative mode)




Please ask an adult before installing anything.

This Minecraft version of the academy was created on MinecraftPE for iPad. You can upload it to an iOS device or an Android device. There is also a PC (Java) version also below. 


On an iPad…

You can download the MinecraftPE zip file by clicking this link.

Save the downloaded zip file on your iPad by selecting the Files app and navigate to …

On My iPad / Minecraft / games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds

Once it is in this folder, you will need to click on it to extract it. 

Restart your Minecraft app and the world will appear for you to choose. 

On a PC…

A version for PC version (Java) can be downloaded here

You will need to put it in your appdata/.minecraft/saves folder and extract it.