We launch our after-school clubs with a special fair

We launch our after-school clubs with a special fair

Students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 all had the opportunity to visit our Extra-Curricular Fair, and find out what after-school clubs we have to offer.

Students had the chance to visit the stalls and speak to Student Leaders about a wide variety of clubs. They could find out what they are, when they are and why they should get involved!

We are proud to offer students a wide range of exciting clubs, including a variety of sports and music clubs, clubs relating to academic subjects and even clubs run by students, such as Chess Club and Activism Club. We even have a Beekeeping Club!

The current timetable is below. Please note that it changes regularly (i.e. with seasonal sports) and new clubs are added from time to time. We recommend that parents and carers speak to your child about your expectations for your child letting you know if they are staying at school, if you expect them home by a certain time etc.


Day Time Club Room
Monday 2.45-3.45 Eco-Warriors SC9
Monday 2.45-3.45 Humanities Film & Create HUM 
Monday 2.45-3.45 Digital Leaders ICT
Monday 2.45-3.45 Minecraft ICT
Monday 2.45-3.30 KS3 Art Club Art 2
Monday 2.45-3.45 We Will Rock You – Choreography Theatre
Monday  2.45-3.45 Creative writing club  Library
Monday  2.45-4 Girls football Sports pitch
Monday  2.45-4 Boys basketball Sports hall
Monday  2.45-4 Fitness suite (Year 7 and 8 boys) Fitness Suite
Monday 2.45-3.45 We Will Rock You – Band Music 2
Tuesday 3-4 Big Band Music
Wednesday 2.45-3.45 Primary/KS3 Orchestra Music 2
Wednesday 3-4 Film Club English 
Wednesday  2.45-3.45 World Cinema Club MFL
Wednesday  2.45-3.45 Unwind the Mind TBC
Wednesday  2.45-3.30 GAT/KS4 Art Club Art 2
Wednesday 2.45-3.30 KS3 Photography Club Media Suite
Wednesday 2.45-3.45 Book club Library
Wednesday 2.45-4 Netball fixtures and training for Year 7 students Sports courts
Wednesday 2.45-4 Badminton Sports Hall
Wednesday 2.45-4 Girls rugby Sports pitch
Wednesday 2.45-4 Boys football – Year 7 Sports pitch
Wednesday 2.45-4 Fitness Suite (Year 7 and 8 girls) Fitness Suite
Wednesday  2.45-3.45 We Will Rock You – Singing Theatre
Thursday 2.45-4 Netball training (all years) Sports courts
Thursday 2.45-4 Cricket Sports pitch
Thursday 2.45-4 Boys rugby Sports pitch
Thursday 2.45-4 Boys football  – Years 8 and 9 Sports pitch
Thursday 2.45-4 Fitness Suite (Year 9, 10 and 11  girls) Fitness Suite
Thursday 2.45-3.30 Choir Drama 2 
Thursday 3-3.30 String Orchestra Music 2
Friday (4 weeks) 3-4 Drone Club ICT
Friday 2.45-3.45 We Will Rock You – All Cast Theatre
Friday 2.45-3.45 Activism club  SC9
Friday 2.45-3.45 Chess club Library
Friday 2.45 – 4 Girls basketball Sports Hall
Friday 2.45 – 4 Fitness Suite ( Year 9. 10 and 11 boys) Fitness Suite
The fair
Blackley Police Cadets came to offer those aged 13+ the opportunity to get involved
Beekeeping Club
Activism Club