Work Experience: a guide for Year 10 students and their families

Work Experience: a guide for Year 10 students and their families

The May half term offers a perfect opportunity for Year 10 students and their families to start preparing for work experience. The main aims for work experience are for students to get a feel for the world of work, build confidence, identify their own strengths and weaknesses and improve their employability skills.

When is work experience in 2019?

Year 10 will take part in work experience between Monday 8 July and Friday 12 July 2019

What do I need to know about my placement?

Each student has a detailed placement form available at – Year 10 students and their parents should have their login details. (Please contact Mrs Godfrey if you aren’t able to access this).

Make sure you pay careful attention to:

  • The address of the employer
  • Who the main point of contact is that you should ask for
  • Hours of work
  • Clothing requirements
  • Other information you may need and a health and safety assessment

Should I contact the employer beforehand?

Most students do need to phone their employer beforehand. (Only students at Manchester Working or at Co-op Head Office 1 Angel Square do not need to). This is to introduce yourself and check you know what to do on the first day.

Mrs Godfrey has made a special guide on how to contact employers and interview tips. Download the PDF guide – Work Experience interview tips

How do I get to my placement?

You are responsible for getting yourself to and from your placement. Use Transport for Greater Manchester’s journey planner to find the best way there – you may also need to get an i-go pass


If you have any more questions or need extra help, contact Mrs Godfrey at the academy who is co-ordinating work experience.